Vol. 11, No. 2 2018

High-k Gate Dielectric Selection for Germanium based CMOS Devices
Navneet Gupta and Varun Haldiya

  (119 -126)

Niobium pentoxide thin film prepared using simple colloidal suspension for optoelectronic application
M. K. Abood, E. T. Salim,J. A. Saimon


Third order nonlinear properties of Rhodamine B dye doped PVA polymer determined by Eclipsing scan technique 
Ali H. Al-Hamdani


Electronic and Optical Properties of GaAs Armchair Nanoribbons: DFT Approach 
Bramha P. Pandey


An Optimized Low-Noise Low-Power Preamplifier for Cardiac Implants 
Sanna Mairaj, Suhaib Ahmed &Vipan Kakkar


A Survey on Emerging Technologies and Architectures of Low Power Preamplifiers for Biomedical Applications
Sanna Mairaj, Suhaib Ahmed & Vipan Kakkar


Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Using Green and Chemical Synthesis Techniques for Phenol Decontamination
H. Shokry Hassan, M. F. Elkady, E.M. El-Sayed  A. M. Hamed, & Islam M. Mahmoud


Aluminum Incorporation Impacts on Some Physical Properties of Pure CdO Film Synthesized by Spray Pyrolysis
Ninet M. Ahmeda, Hassan H. Afifyb & Fatma M. Ibrahim


Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers for Ultra-High Speed Photonics
Moustafa Ahmed, Hameeda R. Ibrahim, and Fumio Koyama


Annealing Effects on the Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Chemically Deposited CdS Thin Films using NH4Cl Complexing Agent
Rummana Matin, M. S. Bashar, Munira Sultana, Aninda Nafis Ahmed & A. Gafur


Synthesis of Copper Oxide nano-rods by Microwave-assisted combustion route and Their Characterization studies
Yathisha R O & Y. Arthoba Nayaka.