Vol. 10, No. 2 2017

A comparative study of electronic and thermoelectric properties of bulk, 2D sheet and 1D wire of Silicon: an ab-initio study.
H. Joshi, D. P. Rai, Sandeep, A. Shankar, P. K. Patra, R. K. Thapa
 93 - 100

Two dimensional simulation and analysis of density-of-states (DOS) in top-gated nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistor (nc-Si TFT)
Prachi Sharma and Navneet Gupta
 101 -110
DC and microwave characteristics of AlN spacer based Al0.37Ga0.63N/GaN HEMT on SiC substrates for high power RF applications
P.Murugapandiyan, S.Ravimaran, J.William
 111 -122
Analysis of reliability for fault tolerant design in NANO CMOS logic circuit
D.Manimekalai and Pradipkumar Dixit
 123 - 138
CuO NPs incorporated single and double junction polymer solar cells
Aruna P. Wanninayake, Benjamin C. Church, Nidal Abu-Zahra
 139 - 148
Surface plasmon resonance sensor sensitivity enhancement using gold-dielectric material
S. Fouad, Naseer Sabri, Z. A. Z. Jamal, P. Poopalan
149 - 158
ESD improvement in P-i-N diode through introducing a lighter and deeper anode junction
J. H. See, M. K. Md Arshad, M. F. M. Fathil
159 - 174
Modelling and characterization of fabricated metal-insulator-metal capacitors
R. Karthik
  175 - 184
Surface plasmon polariton in metal-insulator-metal configuration
Rida Ahmed Ammar and Mostefa Lemerini
  185 - 194
Optical modulator with ZnO bulk single crystals
Sabah Al-ithawi
 195 - 204