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Article In Press

Theme: Exploring Recent Trends in Biomedical Engineering Systems and
            Technologies (ICoBE)


Flexible Cotton Fabric Circuitry Based by Using Graphene Oxide for ECG Applications
Syafiqah M. Jusob, Nurul A. Abdul-Kadir, Fauzan K. C. Harun, and Dedy H. B. Wicaksono


Preliminary analysis of the degradation of methylene blue by using plasma discharge in liquid
N.A.H.Ramli, SK Zaaba, MT Mustaffa, Khairunizam WAN, Shahriman AB
The mechanical characterization of Ubi Badak and Ubi Kemili starch-HA composite
N. A. F. Mohd Hori, N. F. Mohd Nasir, N. A. Mohd Amin, E. M. Cheng, M. S. A. Majid and S. A. Rahman
Preparation and Characterization of Bacterial Cellulose– Chitosan Composite as Antimicrobial Material
Ranie L. Magpoc, John Emnard A. Garcia, Lemmuel L. Tayo, and Zaliman Sauli
Modification of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor using Zinc Oxide Nanowires
M.R. Zakaria, S.F.A. Rahman, S.L Leng, and M.H. MAT, U. Hashim
Effect of Temperature on Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite from Cockle Shells (Anadara Granosa)
Yazida Rizkayanti, Yusril Yusuf
Effect of Ca:P Concentration and Calcination Temperature On Hydroxyapatite (HAp) Powders From Quail Eggshell (Coturnix coturnix)
Firda Yanuar Syafaat, Yusril Yusuf
Effect of surfactant concentrations on pore characteristics of mesoporous carbonated hydroxyapatite prepared by soft-templating hydrothermal method
N.F. Mohammad, R. Othman, A.A. Abdullah and F.Y. Yeoh
Optimization of Intraocular Capacitive Pressure Sensor
N.Saad, N.Soin