Volume 11, No.1 2018

DFT Study of the Alkali Metal Influence on Structure and Optical Properties of B12 Nanocluster.
Fatemeh Tahmaszadeh and Hamid Reza Shamlouei

 1 -14

Synthesis and Characterization of Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Ni–Mn–Zn Ferrites
Hosney Ara Begum, Nazia Khatun, Suravi Islam, Nurzaman Ara Ahmed, Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, Mohammad Abdul Gafur and Ayesha Siddika
 15 - 24
Electronic and Optical Properties of Ramsdellite TiO2through mBJPotential

Jamal Sayah, Larbi El Farh, Hamza El Kouch and Allal Challioui

 25 -32
The Electronic Transport Properties of CuO and Zn Doped CuO Nanotubes
L.Muthaiyana, S. Sriramb and D. Balamurugan
 33 - 42
Removal of Oxidative Debris from Chemically Functionalized Multi‐walled Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT)
Mohd Hamzah Harun, Nik Ghazali Nik Salleh, Mohd Sofian Alias, Mahathir Mohamed,Mohd Faizal Abdul Rahman, Mohd Yusof Hamzah. Khairil Nur Kamal Umar and Norfazlinayati Othman
 43 - 48
Characterization of Optical Fibers Containing Nanoparticles Doped Rare Earth as an Amplifier for Telecommunications
Sabah Al‐ithawi
 49 - 60
Optical Gain and Confinement in Gaas/Algaas Structure Quantum Well Lasers
F. Hadjaj, A. Belghachi, A. Helmaoui
 61 - 70
An Innovative Method for Measuring the Optical Band Gap of Oxidized Surface Layer of Aluminum Tablets based on Absorption Spectra
Kamal Kayed
  71 - 76
Modelling of Silicon based Electrostatic Energy Harvester for Cardiac Implants
Sakshi Koul, Suhaib Ahmed, Vipan Kakkar
  77 - 86
Quantum Dot Cellular Automata: A New Paradigm for Digital Design
Bisma Bilal, Suhaib Ahmed, Vipan Kakkar
 87 - 98