VOL. 2, NO. 2 2009

X-ray and dielectric studies of ferroelectric phase in the Ba1-x(Yb0.5 Na0.5)x TiO3 system for low doping level
L. Khemakhem, I. Kriaa, M. Derbel2, N. Abdelmoula
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 137-145

Influence of Ru3+ ions at Al/GaAs interface on Schottky diodes
H. Mazari, Z. Benamara, K. Ameur, N. Benseddik, O. Bonnaud, R. Olier, B. Gruzza4
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 147-156

Influence of rapid thermal oxidation process on the optoelectronic characteristics of PSI devices
Alwan M. Alwan, Narges Z. Abdulzahra, N. M. Ahmed, N. H. A. Halim
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 157-161

Electronic and optical properties of the express purified SWCNTs produced by HiPCO process
Badis Bendjemil
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 173-182

Dielectric and electric investigations on Rb1-x(NH4)xHSO4 solid solution
L. Khemakhem, A. Kabadou, N. Chabchoub
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 183-188

Investigation of the absorption coefficient, refractive index, energy band gap, and film thickness for Al0.11Ga0.89N, Al0.03Ga0.97N, and GaN by optical transmission method
Naser M. Ahmed, Zaliman Sauli, Uda Hashim, Yarub Al-Douri
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 189-195

Effect of rapid thermal annealing on performance of large area crystalline silicon position sensitive detector
Raid A. Ismail, Abdulmhdi T. Rahmitalla, Nasser K.Mahdi
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 197-204