VOL. 3, NO. 2, 2010

Investigation of Al3Ti0.5V0.5 Alloy
R.Boulechfar, H.Meradji, S.Ghemid, S.Drablia
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 1-7

Lead free ferroelectric films deposited by sol-gel for electronic applications
J-C. Carru, M.Mascot, A.Khalfallaoui, D.Fasquelle, G.Velu
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 9-21

Magnetic and electrical behaviour of La0.67Ba 0.33Mn1-xFex-3 perovskites
M.Baazaoui, S.Zemni, M.Boudard, H.Rahmouni, A.Gasmi, A.Selmi, M.Oumezzine
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 23-36

Band structure and optical properties of some quasi-molecular AI3 (A=Sb, Bi, As)
Husnu Koc, Amirullah M. Mamedov
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 37-51

Linear and nonlinear optical susceptibilities in some ferroelectrics: Ab-initio calculation
Harun Akkus, Suleyman Cabuk, Amirullah M.Mamedov
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 53-67

Defect structure and properties of Mg-Doped La Cr O3-s
Madoui Nadia, Mahmoudi Omari
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 69-86

Structural and optical properties of calcium-doped zinc oxide sputtered from nanopowder target materials
Z.Ben Ayadi, L.El Mir, J. El Ghoul, K. Djessas, S. Alaya
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 87-97

Study of the structural, morphological and eletric characteristics of TiO2 nano-powders
M.P.F.Graca, C.C.Silva, L.C.Costa, M.A.Valente
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 99-111

Negative differential resistance in nickel doped nano-carbon structures based on pyrogallol-formaldehyde xerogel
N.Ben Mansour, I.Najeh, M.Saadoun, B.Viallet, J.L.Gauffier, L.El Mir
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 113-122

Gas flow and temperature synthesis dependence on the CNTs structure and yield
O.Guellati S.Detriche, M.Guerioune, Z.Mekhalif, J.Delhalle
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 123-131

Photocatalytic and optical properties of vanadium doped zinc oxide nanoparticles
R.Slama, F.Ghribi, A.Houas, C.Barthou, L.El Mir
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 133-142

X-ray diffraction and mossbauer spectrometry investigations of invar nanoparticles produced by mechanical alloying
N.Boudinar, A.Djekoun, A.Chebli, A.Otmani, B.Bouzabata, J.M. Greneche
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 143-153

Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage: Renewable and Clean Energy
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 155-167