VOL. 4, NO. 2, 2011

Design and fabrication of quantum dot single electron transistor structure using e-beam nanolithography
U. Hashim, S. Madnasri, Z.A.Z. Jamal
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 85-91

Gate oxice leakage in poly-depleted nanoscale-MOSFET: a quantum mechanical study3
Amit Chaudhry, Jatinder Nath Roy
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 93-100

The effect of Pb concentration and annealing temperatures on optical properties of PbxS1-x films
M. F. A. Alias, E. M. N. Al-Fawade, S. K. J. Al-Ani
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 101-114

Contact technology and energy resolution of CdTe junction detectors
Ali M. Mousa , J. P. Ponpon
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 115-120

Structural, electrical and optical properties of N-(p dimethylaminobenzylidene)-p-nitroaniline thin films
E. M. El-Menyawy, H. M. Zeyada, M. M. El-Nahass
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 121-134

Structural and optical properties of evaporated Ge/Al Bilayer thin films
H. El-Nasser, F. Yakuphanoglu, A. Mahasneh, A. Ahmad
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 135-144

Refractive index measurements of a prism at grazing emergence
Salwan K. J. Al-Ani, Ghamdan A. A. Aldaby, Fatima M. Thabet
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 145-155

Effect of target density on structure and properties of sputtered indium tin oxide films
Badrul Munir, Younghee Jung, Rachmat A. Wibowo, Kyooho Kim
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 157-162