VOL. 5, NO. 2, 2012

Thermal diffussion: a simulation based study on shallow junction formation
U. Hashim, N. Hamat N. H, Siti Fatimah, Tijjani Adam
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 77-86

The effect of diffusion temperatures on the detection properties of CdS/p-Si and CdS:In/p-Si heterojunctions
H. F. Ali, E. M. N. Al-Fawade, S. K. J. Al- Ani
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 87-94

Rapid thermal oxidation for silicon nanocrystral based solar cell
E. T. Salim
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 95-100

Comparative simulation of different nanoparticles concentration using a rectangular heat transfer mirco tube
Fayadh M. Abed Al Dulaimy, Ghazi-Yousif-Mohamed Al Shahery
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 101-116

Effect of annealing conditions pn physical properties of tin oxide thin film
Sanaa M. Al-Delaimy, Akram R. Al-Khaerow
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 117-124

The morphology and mechanical properties of Zr59 Nb5 Cu18Ni8Al10 metallic glasses
Badis Bendjemil, Ali Hafs, Nassima Seghairi, Marcello Baricco
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 125-131

Electron transport analysis in quantum well HEMT with hot electron mobility model
Sanjoy Deb, N. Basanta Singh, A. K. De, Subir Kumar Sarkar
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 133-148

Glass forming ability and mechanical properties of Zr59 Ti5 Cu18Ni8Al10 bulk metalic glasses
Ali Hafs, Badis Bendjemil, Nassima Seghari and Marcello Baricco
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 149-157