VOL. 6, NO. 1, 2013

The influence of aluminum doping and oxygenation on the properties of YBa2Cu3-xAlxO6.5+δ (0≤ x ≥0.045) HTSC
Widad M. Faisal, Salwan K. J. Al-Ani
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 1-8

The response of a window glass to the frequencies of sound
Nathera A. A. Al-Tememee, Salwan K. J. Al-Ani, Dhefaf Y. S. Al- Mashhadani
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 9-16

Comprasion of the physical of the properties for CdS and CdS doped PVA thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
Nathera Abass Ali Al-Tememee
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 17-28

Studies on physical properties of nanocrystalline Cu2S thin films prepared by modified chemical bath deposition method (M-CBD)
M. S. Shinde, P. B. Ahirrao, I. J Patil, S. K. Disawal, R. S. Patil
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon pp. 29-35

Current voltage characteristics modeling of polycrystalline CdTe-CdS solar cells for different grain-sizes of CdTe
Bahniman Ghosh, Bhuktare Swapnil, Priyesh Surana, M. W. Akram
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 37-44

Characterization and optical studies of pure and Sb doped ZnO nanoparticles
Shashi B. Rana, Amarpal Singh, Satbir Singh
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 45-57

Mechanical properties and structure formation amorphous of Zr59Ta5Cu18Ni8 A110 bulk metallic glass alloy
Bendjemil, A. Hafs, N. Seghairi, M. Baricco
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 59-66

Surface conductivity of aligned carbon nanotubes in silica gel
A. Dan, T. K. Kundu, D. Chakravorty
Folder-Text-PDF-Logo-icon  pp. 67-72