Scimago Journal & Country Rank


SCImago Journal & Country Rank

JULY 2019

Examination of Silver Nanoparticles Formation by Laser Ablation in Organic Liquids
Halah H. Rashed and M.H.A.Wahid
Simulation of Viscous Fingering due to Saffman-Taylor Instability in Hele-Shaw Cell
Karimi F, Maleki Jirsaraei N, Azizi S
Studying the Effect of Synthesized Nano-Titanium Dioxide via Two Phases on the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Portus Bacteria as Antimicrobial Agents
Zainab N. Jameel, Olfat A. Mahmood, Faisal L. Ahmed
Effect of crystallinity and morphology on the electrical properties of Y2O3 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition for MOSFET
S. K. Suresh Babu, A. Youvanidha, D. Jackuline Moni, S. Divya
Optical, Electrical and Photovoltaic Studies of γ-MnS Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Ecofriendly route for waste upcycling and silver nanoparticles synthesis from citrus reticulata Peel
Randa Mohammed Dhahi, Haitham Mawlood Mikhlif
Influence of Ca/P Concentration on Hydroxyapatite (HAp) from Asian Moon Scallop Shell (Amusium Pleuronectes)
Firda Yanuar Syafaat1, a, Yusril Yusuf
Impact of Interface traps and Parasitic capacitance on Gate Capacitance of In0.53Ga0.47As-FinFET for sub 14nm technology node
Jay Pathak, Anand Darji
Promoting the aggregation and disaggregation dynamic of superparamagnetic nano-particles
N. Maleki-jirsaraei, S. Kabi and S. Azizi
Substrate temperature effects on Optical Properties and Constants of ZnO
Ban A. Badr, Qamar Q Mohammed, Najwan H. Numan, Makram A. Fakhri, Ahmed W. Abdulwahhab
Observation of Blue Shift Absorption for Surface Plasmon Resonance in Gold Nano-islands
Abdulqader D. Faisal, Mohammed O. Dawood, Khaleel I. Hassoon
The Effect of Sintering Temperature on Structure and Electrical Properties of CaTiO3 Synthesized from Hen’s Eggshell via Hydrothermal Process
Akhiruddin Maddu, Nita Fitri Wahyuni, Irmansyah Sofian