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Scimago Journal & Country Rank


SCImago Journal & Country Rank





Effect of Spinning Rate on the Performance of Multilayer Bi-perovskite Solar Cells
M.F. Achoi, S. Aiba, S. Kato, N. Kishi and T. Soga


Ohmic Contacts Optimisation for High-Power InGaAs/AlAs Double-Barrier Resonant Tunnelling Diodes Based on a Dual-Exposure E-Beam Lithography Approach
Davide Cimbri, Nils Weimann, Qusay Raghib Ali Al-Taai, Afesomeh Ofiare, and Edward Wasige


The Role of Selective Pattern Etching to Improve the Ohmic Contact Resistance and Device Performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
A Dhongde, S Taking, M Elksne, S. Samanta, A Ofiare, K Karami, A. Al-Khalidi, E Wasige


Investigation of Plasma Induced Etch Damage/Changes in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
A Ofiare, S Taking, K Karami, A Dhongde, A Al-Khalidi, E Wasige


Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect of MnCoAl Compound
Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, Muhamad Faiz Md Din, Jianli Wang, Nur Sabrina Suhaimi, Nurul Hayati Idris, Norinsan Kamil Othman, Mohammad Ismail, and Mohd Taufik Jusoh


Heavily Doped n++ GaN Cap Layer AlN/GaN Metal Oxide Semiconductor High Electron Mobility Transistor
K Karami, S Taking, A Ofiare, A Dhongde, A Al-Khalidi and E Wasige


Noise Properties of Unipolar Nanodiodes at Elevated Temperatures
Shahrir R. Kasjoo, Arun K. Singh, Claudio Balocco and Aimin Song


Charge Recombination in Zinc Oxide-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell: A Mini Review
Kaiswariah Magiswaran, Mohd Natashah Norizan, Ili Salwani Mohamad, Norsuria Mahmed, Siti Norhafizah Idris and Sharizal Ahmad Sobri


Extraction, Preparation and Application of Anthocyanin Pigments from Mulberry using Polar Solvent in Various pH as Photosensitizer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Suriati Suhaimi, Nur Syakimah Ismail and Zaliman Sauli


The Design and Analysis of High Q Factor Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator for Filter in Super High Frequency
N.I.M. Nor, N. Khalid, N A Hashim, S. Kasjoo, Z. Sauli, Lam Hok Lang and Chow Shi Qi


Numerical Simulation and Characterization of Silicon Based OR Logic Gate Operation Using Self-Switching Device
Y. X. Goh, N. F. Zakaria, Y. L. Tan, S. R. Kasjoo, S. Shaari, M. M. Isa and A. K. Singh


Performance Analysis of Double-MIMO Free Space Optical System under Atmospheric Turbulence
A L Tom, A K Rahman, Tamrin F K, Sahari S K, Zamhari N, S A Aljunid, N Ali and R Endut


Impact of Rain Attenuation in Borneo using Free Space Optics Propagation
Tauffiq Khirham , AK Rahman , Sahari S.K , Zamhari N, Tamrin F.K , S A Aljunid, N Ali and R Endut


Method for RSSI Heat Map Estimation using Radial Basis Functions for Fingerprinting Localization
Kenny Fong Peng Wye, Syed Muhammad Mamduh Syed Zakaria, Latifah Munirah Kamarudin, Ammar Zakaria and Norhawati Ahmad


Signal Propagation Modelling for Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication Under the Influence of Metal Obstruction
J S C Turner, A B Shahriman, A Harun, M S M Hashim, Z M Razlan, D L Ndzi, R C Ismail, S A Z Murad, M N M Isa, S N Mohyar, M F Ramli and M K N Zulkifli


Analysis on Square and Circular Inductor for a High Q-Factor Inductor
N. A. Hashim, N. Khalid, N. I. M. Noor, S. R. Kasjoo and Z. Sauli


Analysis of Stability of Nano- vs Micro-sized Resonant Tunnelling Diode (RTD) Devices for Future Neuromorphic Computing Applications
Qusay Raghib Ali Al-Taai, Jue Wang, Razvan Morariu, Afesomeh Ofiare, Abdullah Al-Khalidi and Edward Wasige


Machine Learning-Based Queueing Time Analysis in XGPON
N. A. Ismail, S. M. Idrus, F. Iqbal, A.M.Zin, F. Atan and N. Ali


A Preliminary Study on Feasibility Radar Cross-Section of Foreign Object Debris for Size Classification
P N Ja’afar, S M Idrus, S Ambran, A Hamzah, N Zulkifli, N A Hamid, A Kanno, N Shibagaki, K Kashima and T Kawanishi


Two Dimensional (2D) OCDMA Encoder/Decoder for Various Industrial Application
S M A Aljunid, M A Anuar, A A M Ismail, ND Keraf, R Matem, CBM Rashidi, N Ali, M S Amirul, R Endut, N A M A Hambali and S A Aljunid


Real-Time Monitoring for Mechanical Boiler Chamber Using IoT Application
Mohammad A'mirul Ahmad Fauzi, Muhamad Syazmie Sepeeh and Shamsul Aizam Zulkifli


Run-Length Encoding (RLE) Data Compression Algorithm Performance Analysis on Climate Datasets for Internet of Things (IoT) Application
Nor Asilah Khairi and Asral Bahari Jambek


Synthesis Methods of Tin Oxide as Photoanode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Performance: A Short Review
Siti Norhafizah Idris, Mohd Natashah Norizan, Ili Salwani Mohamad, Norsuria Mahmed, Kaiswariah Magiswaran and Sharizal Ahmad Sobri


IR 4.0 Generation of Face Recognition Based System
Aifian, Saizal Md Mustam, M.F.L Abdullah, Farhana Ahmad Po’ad, Ariffuddin Joret


Design and Development of IoT Based Water Leakage Monitoring System
Muhammad Azfar Shazmi Mohd Adnan, Mohd Hanif Mohd Ramli, Nurul Syuhadah Khusaini, Wan Sulaiman Wan Mohamad and Zulkifli Mohamed


Recent Development of Crowd Monitoring Technology Solution for Covid-19 Prevention at Airport Terminal
N Fadzil, N H Abu Bakar, S M Idrus, A I Azmi, S H Mohammad and N. Ali


Field Trial and Performance Evaluation of IoT Smart Aquaculture Monitoring System for Brackish Water Shrimp Farm
M. Abdullah, S. M. Idrus, K. M. Yusof, A. I. Azmi, W. Ismail, K. H. Kamaludin, N. Ali, A. Rani and F. Yusof


Development of Fruits Artificial Intelligence Segregation
Norhidayah Mohd Rozi, Razaidi Hussin, Muammar Mohamad Isa, Syed Muhammad Mamduh Syed Zakaria, Afzan Kamaruddin, Rizalafande Che Ismail, Mohd Nazrin Md Isa, Siti Zarina Md Naziri


Image Processing for Paddy Disease Detection Using K-Means Clustering and GLCM Algorithm
A. F. A. Ahmad Effendi, M. N. Md Isa, M. I. Ahmad, M. F. Che Husin and S. Z. Md Naziri


Design and Development of Stingless Beehive Air Pollutant Monitoring System
M F Ramli, A Harun, R C Ismail, D L Ndzi, J S C Turner, R S M Farook, M N M Isa, and S A Z Murad


IoT Based Soil Nutrient Sensing System for Agriculture Application
N. N. C. Othaman, M. N. Md Isa, R. Hussin, S. M. M. S. Zakaria, and M. M. Isa


Image Data Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform Technique for Wireless Transmission
M H Haron, M N Isa, M I Ahmad, R C Ismail and N Ahmad


Intelligent Irrigation System Using Rain Water Harvesting System and Fuzzy Interface System
A H Abdullah, S Sudin, Z A Ahmad, F S A Saad, I Ahmad, F. Abdullah, W M F Nik, A Deraman, N M Maliki, S R S Kamaruzaman, S R Romle


Modification of Photoanode Surface Structure via Image Analysis on Organic Polymer Material based for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Applications
N. Rosli, N. Sabani, MF Ahmad, M.A.M. Azidin, N Juhari, NF Zakaria, MN Norizan, and S Shaari


Reducing Inter-structural Gap on Serial In-line Mach-Zehnder Interferometer based on Fiber Micro-bottles
Noor Shafikah Md Rodzi and Mohd Ridzuan Mokhtar


Improving Event Classification Using Gammatone Filter For Distributed Acoustic Sensing
B Faisal, M S Yusri, A Ismail, N L Saleh, M F Ismail, N D Nordin, A H Sulaiman, F Abdullah and M Z Jamaludin


Characterization of DWT as Denoising Method for -OTDR Signal
M S Yusri, B Faisal, A Ismail, N L Saleh, M F Ismail, N D Nordin, A H Sulaiman, F Abdullah and M Z Jamaludin


Optimization of MEH-PPV Based Single and Double-Layer TOLED Structure by Numerical Simulation
T. Kersenan, N. F. Zakaria, S. Shaari, N. Sabani, N. Juhari, M. F. Ahmad, and A.F.A Rahim


Analysis of an Electrically Induced Optical Waveguide in a c-axis Barium Titanate Thin Film
Arif Mawardi Ismail, Prabakaran Poopalan, Nurjuliana Juhari, and Mohd Azarulsani Md. Azidin


Prediction Model for Spectroscopy Using Python Programming
A A M Ismail, N Ali, M S Amirul, R Endut and S A Aljunid