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Article In Press

Effects of Series Resistance and Frequency on the Capacitance/ Conductance –Voltage C/G-V Characteristics of Au/GaN/GaAs
and Au/GaAs diodes.
S. Boualem, Z. Benamara, B. Akkal, M. Amrani, A. H. Kacha M.A. Benamara and M. Anani

Study on enhancing mechanical properties of tin bronze alloy using laser technique.
Ayad Z.Mohammad

Structural, Dielectric & Electric Properties of Manganese-Doped Barium Titanate
Suravi Islam, Ayesha Siddika, Nazia Khatun, Mohammad Sajjad Hossain,  Most Hosney Ara Begum, Nurzamn Ara Ahmed

Synthesis and Characterization of Polyvinyl alcohol /Polyaniline/Functionalized  Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite by Gamma Radiation Method
Norfazlinayati O., Talib Z. A., Nik Salleh N.G., Shaari A. H., and Mohd Hamzah H.

Design and preparation of low absorbing antireflection coatings using chemical spray pyrolysis
Hayfa G.Rashid, Khudheir A. Mishjil,Salam A. Yousif, Nadir F. Habubi

An investigation of Structural Properties of Monometallic (Ag, Pd) and  Bimetallic (Ag@Pd) Nanoparticles Growth on Macro Porous Silicon
Duaa A. Hashim, Alwan M. Alwan ,Muslim F. Jawad

Effect of laser energy on the structure of Ni46–Ti50–Cu4 shape-memory alloy
Abeer R.abbas, Kadhim A.Hebeatir, Kadhim K.Resan

Simulation and Analysis of a Silicon P-I-N Waveguide Based on Electro-Optic Carrier-Depletion Effect
Foo Kui Law, Mohammad Rakib Uddin and Nur Musyiirah Haji Masir

Design of a Huffman data encoder architecture
Nor Alina Khairi, Asral Bahari Jambek, Nor Asilah Khairi

Review of Electrical Properties of Graphene Conductive Composites
Belal Alemour , M.H. Yaacob, Lim H.N and Mohd Roshdi Hassan

A New Technique for Measuring the Refractive Index
Asmaa J. Kadhim Al- Kinani,Isaa.M.Kadhim, Adnan Salih Al-Ithawi

Numerical Thermal Model of Diode Double-End-Pumped Solid State Lasers
Hisham M. Ahmed, Mohammed J. AbdulRazzaq, Abdulla. K. Abass