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VOL. 1, No. 1, January 2008

Metamagnetic Behavior in Fe3Si and Fe3Al
N.E. Christensen, J. Kudrnovský, C.O. Rodriguez

Valence Electron Correlation Energy Embracing The Diamond-Lattice Materials C Through Sn
Norman H. March, Angel Rubio

SOI based nanowire single-electron transistors: design, simulation and process development
U. Hashim, A. Rasmi and S. Sakrani

Studying the Effect of X-ray Radiation on the Electrical Properties of Diodes 1N1405
Jassim M. Naji

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study Of Structural, Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties of Tin Below 286 K
A. Berroukche, B. Soudini, K. Amara

Study of Intersubband Transitions in Si1-xGex/Si Quantum Wells Using 14-band k×p model
W. Liu, D. H. Zhang, T. H. Loh, W.J. Fan, S.F. Yoon, N. Balasubramanian

FP-LAPW calculations of ground state properties for AlN, GaN and InN compounds
B. Daoudi, M. Sehil, A. Boukraa, H. Abid

First-principles study of cubic BxGa1-xN alloys
A. Lachebi, H. Abid, M. Driz, Y. Al-Douri

Electronic structure, magnetic and Fermi surface calculations of heavy-fermions superconductors compounds based on Nb3Sn
Badis Bendjemil

Swift Heavy Ion Effects in Gallium Nitride
S. Mansouri, P. Marie, C. Dufour, G. Nouet, I. Monnet, H. Lebius, Z. Benamara, Y. Al-Douri