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Scimago Journal & Country Rank


SCImago Journal & Country Rank





Phosphate Adsorption from Synthetic Aqueous Solutions by WasteMussel Shell: Kinetics and Isotherms Studies
Noorul Hudai Abdullah, Mohamad Syahrul Syazwan Yaacob, Nur Athirah Iliyani Rani, Tuan MuhammadFikri Haziq Tuan Azman, Muhammad Nur Iqbal Sumawan, Nor Baizura Hamid, Nur Atikah Abdul Salim, Masiri Kaamin, Muhammad Azraie Abdul Kadir, Noraziah Ahmad, Zainab Mat Lazim, Maria Nuid and Amirreza Talaiekhozani


Train Noise Level at Residential Area in Kuala Lumpur: Preliminary Study
N.B. Hamid, M.N. Hafsa, J. Prasetijo, M.I. Yahaya, M. Mokhtar, M.A.M Azmi, M.E. Sanik, M. Kaamin and G. Zhang


Implementing Drone as Flood Inundation Laboratory Measurement Tool
Muhammad Azraie Abdul Kadir, Ismail Abustan, Mohd Firdaus Abdul Razak, Noorul Hudai Abdullah and Pingping Luo


The Determination of Optimum Ratio by using Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Crumb Rubber as Partial Sand Replacement Material in Sand Cement Brick Production
F.S. Khalid, M.Y.A. Aminuddin, A.N. Abdullah Al-Jaberi, Z. Zaki, J.M. Irwan, S. Ayob and Bassam A. Tayeh


Food Waste as Alternative Natural Fertilizer for Okra Plants (Abelmoschus Esculentus L.)
Noorul Hudai Abdullah, Muhammad Daniel Iezzwan Ahmad Fairus, Muhammad Ikmal Abdul Hadi Kamel, Nurul Fatimah Helmy, Mohamad Azim Bin Mohammad Azmi, Nur Atikah Abdul Salim, Noraziah Ahmad, Zainab Mat Lazim, Maria Nuid, Mimi Suliza Muhamad and Amirreza Talaiekhozani


Accurate and Precision Monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Construction Engineering
Masiri Kaamin, Abd Sukor Sarif, Noor Azri Mustafa, Rosdi Ab Rahman, Muhammad Azraie Abdul Kadir, Noorul Hudai Abdullah, Ahmad Hakimi Mat Nor and Pingping Luo


Electromagnetic Torque Performance Evaluation of Concentric Magnetic Gear Alternative Conditions using Finite Element
M.F.M.A. Halim, E. Sulaiman, R. Aziz, S. Othman. S.M. Naufal, A.A Rahman and T. Kosaka


Development of Environmentally Friendly Wild Boar Repellent by Using Blast Explosion Sound Technique
M.A.H. Mohamad, M.S. Yahya, A. Wagiman, R. Ab. Rahman, N.A.F. Alimin, K.A. Wahid, W. Sani


Simulation, Prototyping and Testing of a New Gripper Design to Automate Double Chlorination of Rubber Gloves
H.J. Chua, D.W. Tan, J.E. Lim, M.W. Yip and A.A.D. Sarhan


Biodegradable Materials from Combination of Egg Tray, Oil Palm Empty Fruit Fiber And Paddy Straw as Sound Absorber
Masiri Kaamin, Nur’ain Idris, Norhayati Ngadiman, Noorul Hudai Abdullah, Nur Atika Ruzelam, Mardiha Mokhtar, Siti Nooraiin Mohd Razali, Nor Farah Atiqah Ahmad and Amirreza Talaiekhozani


Lean Six Sigma for Process Efficiency Improvement: Case Study at Roof-Tile Manufacturing Company
R. Abdullah, A.H. Abdul Rasib, A. Azhar and H.O. Mansoor


Compressibility Behaviour of Batu Pahat Soft Clay Treated by Combination between Tx-85 with Sh-85 Probase Stabilizer
Ahmad Hakimi Mat Nor, Saiful Azhar Ahmad Tajudin, Faizal Pakir, Ali Abdul-Wahoud Mahmood, Muhd Amirul Hafiz Idris, Masiri Kaamin, Mohd Erwan Sanik and Salman Salim


Effect of Laser Parameters on the Surface Cleaning of Galvanised Steel by Laser Engraving Process
A.B. Hadzley, A.A. Adam, A.A. Anis, M.R. Fairuz, A.W. Norfariza, S.G. Herawan and Kunlapat Thongkaew


Influence of Sintering Temperature on Density, Hardness, Shrinkage and Microstructure of Alumina-Zirconia Cutting Tool
A.A. Anis, A.B. Hadzley, A.A Umar, T. Norfauzi, M.R. Fairuz, S.G. Herawan and K. Thongkaew


Micro-Influence of Vacuum Block Positions on Machinability of Acrylic Using Hybrid Vacuum Clamping System
M. Amirul Adli, N. Ab Wahab, M. Harezul Abd Razak, M. Ridzuan Azizzi, Mohd Hadzley Abu Bakar, H. Sasahara


Preparation of GNPs Thermally Conductive Adhesive at Different Epoxy Resin/Curing Agent Ratio and Mixing Method
S. Jasmee, G. Omar, S.S. Othaman, N.A.B Masripan, H.A. Hamid and A.A. Kamarolzaman


Design and Development of Domestic Cyclone Dust Collector System Using TRIZ And CCD Method
M.W. Azmil Arif, A.H. Nurfaizey, N.M Amirul Adli, M.R. Mansor, A. Noordin, N. Tucker


Preparation, Characterization, and Electrical Conductivity Investigation of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube-filled Composite Nanofibres
A.H. Nurfaizey, N.A. Munajat, S.R. Esa, M.A. Salim, A.M. Saad, M.A.M. Rosli, N. Tucker


Determination of Optimal Electrospinning Distance and Applied Voltage for Polyacrylonitrile Electrospun Fibre Production
A.H. Nurfaizey, N.A. Munajat, M.W. Azmil Arif, M.Z. Akop, N.A. Masripan, F. Wasbari,J. Jaafar, J.M.H.D. Othman, N. Tucker


Investigation on Fibre Diameter, Wettability and Tensile Behaviour of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibres
M.W. Azmil Arif, A. H. Nurfaizey, Z. Mustafa, R. Nadlene, J. Jaafar, N. Tucker


Effect of the Different Printing Patterns of Graphene Nanoparticles in Conductive Ink on Electrical and Mechanical Performance
Adzni Md. Saad, Mohd Azli Salim, Mohammed Hussin A. Al-Mola, Fauzi Ahmad, Hartini Saad and Mohd Zaid Akop


Prediction of Basic and Circular Vibration Isolator in High Frequencies using Malaysian Natural Rubber for Highway C2L Machine
Mohd Azli Salim, Adzni Md. Saad, Feng Dai, Norbazlan Mohd Yusof, Nurfaizey Abdul Hamid and Nor Azmmi Masripan


Effects of Total Disc Replacement on Range of Motion and Facet Stress in Lumbar Spine Using a Finite Element Analysis
M.A. Suarin, M.J.A. Latif, M.S. Zakaria, M.N.Harun and H.Q.Nguyen


Geometrical Characterization and Effect of Temperature on Graphene Nanoparticles Conductive Ink
Adzni Md. Saad, Mohd Azli Salim, Murni Ali, Feng Dai, Siti Amirah Abdullah and Faizil Wasbari


Mathematical Modelling of Passive Discrete Lumped Parameter System using Standard Malaysian Rubber Constant Viscosity
Mohd Azli Salim, Adzni Md. Saad, Feng Dai, Norbazlan Mohd Yusof, Nor Azmmi Masripan and Aminurrashid Noordin


Modelling and Estimation on Vibration and Noise Level of the Dynamic Wiper System using Input Shaping Strategy
Mohd Azli Salim, Adzni Md. Saad, Chonlatee Photong, Mohd Zarhamdy Md. Zain, Abd Rahim Abu Bakar, Norbazlan Mohd Yusof and Mohd Zaid Akop


Comparison Measurements of Low Resistance and High Strength on Synthesis Graphene Conductive Ink Filled Epoxy
Ameeruz Kamal Ab Wahid, Mohd Azli Salim, Nor Azmmi Masripan, Chonlatee Photong and Adzni Md. Saad


Effects of Cutter Geometry and Cutting Parameters on Machining Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)
R. Izamshah, M. Rafiq, A. Lamat, M.S. Kasim, M.S. Salleh, P.J. Liew, M.S.A. Aziz and R.S.A. Abdullah


Quality Evaluation on Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling for Chemically Strengthened Glass
R. Izamshah, A. Lamat, M. Rafiq, M.Z. Kasman, M.S. Kasim, P.J. Liew, M.S.A. Aziz and R.S.A. Abdullah


The Effect of Pineapple Leaf Fiber as a Filler in Polymer Matrix Composite for Interior Part in Automotive
M.A.M. Daud, A.F. Ab. Ghani, K.A. Zakaria, M.Z. Selamat, S. Dharmalingam and M. Thirukumaran


The Effect of Curing Time on Electrical Resistivity, Mechanical Characteristics and Microstructure Behavior of Graphene Conductive Ink
Ameeruz Kamal Ab Wahid, Mohd Azli Salim, Nor Azmmi Masripan, Murni Ali, Adzni Md. Saad and Mohammed Hussin A. Al-Mola


A Performance Comparison of PID and Fuzzy Logic Control Methods for Trajectory Tracking of Wheeled Mobile Robot
Aminurrashid Noordin1, Azhan Ab Rahman, Nur Afifah Ismail, Mohd Azli Salim, Adzni Md. Saad, Nor Azmmi Masripan, Nurfaizey Abdul Hamid, Faizil Wasbari, Mohd Zaid Akop and Mustafa Saad Khalifa


Performance of Thermal Electric Cooling (TEC) Air Condition for A Small Office Space
Muhammad Syahril Abd Aziz, Shamsul Anuar Shamsudin, Mohd Farid Ismail, Mohd Nizam Sudin and Huthaifa Ahmad Al-Issa


Investigation of Pressure Drop in Hydro-Pneumatic Driveline Propulsion System for Dual Hybrid Passenger Vehicle
F. Wasbari, R.A. Bakar, L.M. Gan, M.A. Salim, N.A. Hamid and S.G. Herawan


Effect of Stretchable Conductive Ink (SCI) on Electrical Conductivity Under Tensile Stress
Nor Azmmi Masripan, Lin Soong Jin, Mohd Azli Salim, Nurfaizey Abdul Hamid, Muhd Ridzuan Mansor, Mohd Zaid Akop, Aminurrashid Noordin and Faizil Wasbari


Characterisation of Mechanical-Electrical Properties of Graphene Nanoplatelets Filled Epoxy as Conductive Ink in Various Patterns
Aina Natasha Hosnie, Mohd Azli Salim, Nor Azmmi Masripan, Adzni Md. Saad, Feng Dai, Azmi Naroh and Mohd Nizam Sudin


An Experimental Study on Effect of Light Intensity to Indoor Air Temperature and Humidity
S. Shehab, M.Z. Akop, Y.M. Arifin, M.A. Salim, N.A. Masripan, A.H. Nurfaizey, F. Wasbari, A.A. Saad and S.G. Herawan


A Simulation Study on Performance of Photovoltaic Thermal Water (PVTW) Collector Under Different Loading of Mass Flow Rate Using ANSYS Fluent
L.T. Wei, M.Z. Akop, Y.M. Arifin, M.A. Salim, M.A.M. Rosli, A.H. Nurfaizey, M.R. Mansor, A.A. Saad and S.G. Herawan


A Study of Steady-State Thermal Distribution on Circular Plate Using ANSYS
F. Jikol, M.Z. Akop, Y.M. Arifin, M.A. Salim and S.G. Herawan


Applying Active Force Control with Fuzzy Self-Tuning PID to Improve the Performance of an Antilock Braking System
Mohammed Hussin Ahmed Al-Mola, Musa Mailah and Mohd Azli Salim