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Scimago Journal & Country Rank


SCImago Journal & Country Rank




VOL. 6, No. 1, January 2013

The influence of aluminum doping and oxygenation on the properties of YBa2Cu3-xAlxO6.5+δ (0≤ x ≥0.045) HTSC
Widad M. Faisal, Salwan K. J. Al-Ani
The response of a window glass to the frequencies of sound
Nathera A. A. Al-Tememee, Salwan K. J. Al-Ani, Dhefaf Y. S. Al- Mashhadani
Comprasion of the physical of the properties for CdS and CdS doped PVA thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
Nathera Abass Ali Al-Tememee
Studies on physical properties of nanocrystalline Cu2S thin films prepared by modified chemical bath deposition method (M-CBD)
M. S. Shinde, P. B. Ahirrao, I. J Patil, S. K. Disawal, R. S. Patil
Current voltage characteristics modeling of polycrystalline CdTe-CdS solar cells for different grain-sizes of CdTe
Bahniman Ghosh, Bhuktare Swapnil, Priyesh Surana, M. W. Akram
Characterization and optical studies of pure and Sb doped ZnO nanoparticles
Shashi B. Rana, Amarpal Singh, Satbir Singh
Mechanical properties and structure formation amorphous of Zr59Ta5Cu18Ni8 A110 bulk metallic glass alloy
Bendjemil, A. Hafs, N. Seghairi, M. Baricco
Surface conductivity of aligned carbon nanotubes in silica gel
A. Dan, T. K. Kundu, D. Chakravorty