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SCImago Journal & Country Rank




VOL. 3, No. 2, July 2010

Investigation of Al3Ti0.5V0.5 Alloy
R.Boulechfar, H.Meradji, S.Ghemid, S.Drablia

Lead free ferroelectric films deposited by sol-gel for electronic applications
J-C. Carru, M.Mascot, A.Khalfallaoui, D.Fasquelle, G.Velu

Magnetic and electrical behaviour of La0.67Ba 0.33Mn1-xFex-3 perovskites
M.Baazaoui, S.Zemni, M.Boudard, H.Rahmouni, A.Gasmi, A.Selmi, M.Oumezzine

Band structure and optical properties of some quasi-molecular AI3 (A=Sb, Bi, As)
Husnu Koc, Amirullah M. Mamedov

Linear and nonlinear optical susceptibilities in some ferroelectrics: Ab-initio calculation
Harun Akkus, Suleyman Cabuk, Amirullah M.Mamedov

Defect structure and properties of Mg-Doped La Cr O3-s
Madoui Nadia, Mahmoudi Omari

Structural and optical properties of calcium-doped zinc oxide sputtered from nanopowder target materials
Z.Ben Ayadi, L.El Mir, J. El Ghoul, K. Djessas, S. Alaya

Study of the structural, morphological and eletric characteristics of TiO2 nano-powders
M.P.F.Graca, C.C.Silva, L.C.Costa, M.A.Valente

Negative differential resistance in nickel doped nano-carbon structures based on pyrogallol-formaldehyde xerogel
N.Ben Mansour, I.Najeh, M.Saadoun, B.Viallet, J.L.Gauffier, L.El Mir

Gas flow and temperature synthesis dependence on the CNTs structure and yield
O.Guellati S.Detriche, M.Guerioune, Z.Mekhalif, J.Delhalle

Photocatalytic and optical properties of vanadium doped zinc oxide nanoparticles
R.Slama, F.Ghribi, A.Houas, C.Barthou, L.El Mir

X-ray diffraction and mossbauer spectrometry investigations of invar nanoparticles produced by mechanical alloying
N.Boudinar, A.Djekoun, A.Chebli, A.Otmani, B.Bouzabata, J.M. Greneche

Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage: Renewable and Clean Energy