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SCImago Journal & Country Rank




Vol. 10, No. 2, July 2017

A comparative study of electronic and thermoelectric properties of bulk, 2D sheet and 1D wire of Silicon: an ab-initio study.
H. Joshi, D. P. Rai, Sandeep, A. Shankar, P. K. Patra, R. K. Thapa
(93 - 100)
Two dimensional simulation and analysis of density-of-states (DOS) in top-gated nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistor (nc-Si TFT)
Prachi Sharma and Navneet Gupta
DC and microwave characteristics of AlN spacer based Al0.37Ga0.63N/GaN HEMT on SiC substrates for high power RF applications
P.Murugapandiyan, S.Ravimaran, J.William
Analysis of reliability for fault tolerant design in NANO CMOS logic circuit
D.Manimekalai and Pradipkumar Dixit
CuO NPs incorporated single and double junction polymer solar cells
Aruna P. Wanninayake, Benjamin C. Church, Nidal Abu-Zahra
Surface plasmon resonance sensor sensitivity enhancement using gold-dielectric material
S. Fouad, Naseer Sabri, Z. A. Z. Jamal, P. Poopalan
ESD improvement in P-i-N diode through introducing a lighter and deeper anode junction
J. H. See, M. K. Md Arshad, M. F. M. Fathil
Modelling and characterization of fabricated metal-insulator-metal capacitors
R. Karthik
Surface plasmon polariton in metal-insulator-metal configuration
Rida Ahmed Ammar and Mostefa Lemerini
Optical modulator with ZnO bulk single crystals
Sabah Al-ithawi